Midnight Rose

  • Contemporary Romance

  • Release Date: June 15, 2022

    She’s the mob boss’s daughter. He left everything to build his own empire… for her. When a rival family tries to lay claim on her he will tear the city part and everything in his way to protect her.

    Growing up I had one friend.

    One person brave enough to befriend the Mafia Princess.

    Then one day it all went away I was locked in a tower on my family estate.

    I know the deal.

    I’m nothing but a bargaining chip in a contract for the better good of the family.

    Then I get a taste of freedom.

    My first day out in town one family tries to kill me and another kidnaps me.

    Why is this my life?

    Now I sit in front of that brave little boy who made friends with me all those years ago.

    Only he’s head of his own family now and he says I’m his.

    The problem?

    My dad will burn the town down to find me and he says he will burn the town down to keep me.

    And I just want my freedom.

    A Mafia Dark Romance, Rapunzel Retelling.
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