The Lost Duchess

  • Modern Royalty Romance

  • This is a Steamy Modern Royalty Romance.

    In just one moment her whole life becomes a lie.

    Her destiny is to become a Duchess and she meets a father she never knew about.

    Learning a new culture and how to take over her new role is stressful enough without family drama and a prince who won’t leave her alone.

    Who can she trust when everyone wants something from her?

    This is a Modern Royalty Romance.

    Emerson is a normal girl working hard for everything she has until a knock on the door reveals she’s the heir to a Duchy in a country she never heard of.

    Turns out her mom had a bit too much fun in college and carried a huge secret of who her father really was.

    With encouragement from her best friend, she is on a private plane to meet her real dad and decide if she is ready to be the future Duchess.

    In the blink of an eye, she’s gone from struggling to pay her bills to having a lady’s maid and people waiting on her hand and foot.

    Now her’s dad is throwing a ball for her and the Prince is vying for her attention but so is the nighttime security guard, all while trying to learn how to run the estate.

    What is a girl going to do? And how do you know who to trust when everyone wants something from you?

    This book has:

    Multiple storylines ✔️

    Steamy Romances ✔️

    An Evil Stepmother ✔️

    A Sexy Prince ✔️

    A Royal Ball ✔️

    Storylines from the family upstairs and the staff downstairs ✔️

    I can’t wait to introduce you to everyone!

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