Cowboy Box Giveaway!

Once you complete all the entries you will be redirected to a download page where you will receive:

– 2 Maps of the ranch in Rock Springs, Texas, 1 of the land and one of the house.
– A Map of the Rock Springs, Texas Town
– 3 Maps of the upcoming Walker Lake Town, one of the town, one of the downtown square, and one of the local ranches (which will give you an idea of the stories to come in the series)
– A Current Kaci M. Rose Reading List, including order of reading.
– 2 Printable Rock Springs Book Marks
– 2 Printable Rock Springs Coasters

17 thoughts on “Cowboy Box Giveaway!”

  1. I really enjoyed this series. When I started reading it, I binged all of them until there were no more. The characters were so well written, I felt like I was actually observing the stories first hand.

  2. I’m not on Twitter, Instagram, or Eden Books, but wouldstill love to enter contest and receive free items! Thanks!

  3. I’ve never been to Texas. This series and giveaway look like a great introduction!

    Thanks for thinking of your fans!

  4. Loved your FB live this month! I discovered you during the pandemic and your books and characters have helped save my sanity through this crazy time.

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