She’s Still the One – Live

She’s Still the One

Bro Code Rule #1 – You can’t have your best friend’s younger sister.

What is it that guys I date don’t seem to understand what a causal relationship is?That doesn’t mean to propose to me. This is why I packed up everything into my car and I’m now heading to my brothers. Only he’s not there. His best friend Dallas is.

Dammit, he’s the reason none of my relationships have worked out. I compare them all to how he treats me. When they go on tour and drag me along it’s hard to hide feelings in the small space of a tour bus. But my brother has made it very clear. Dallas is no good for me. We both risk losing my brother if we go any further.

It sucks when you can’t have the one girl you love. When the band I started with Austin’s brother took off girls were easy. It was less messy having flings. Then she moves into the house with us.

Even when her brother has made it perfectly clear she is off limits I can’t seem to stay away. She is still the only one who makes my heart race. When her life is on the line because of the band’s fame can we put our differences aside long enough to save her? Can I convince them both I’ve changed, and I will be a one-woman man the rest of my days if she just chooses me?

This is a Steamy, Rockstar, Brother’s Best Friend Romance. No Cliffhangers.
As always there is a satisfying Happy Ever After.
If you love steamy romances with hot love scenes, and rockstars, then this one is for you.

“My lips crash into hers and every teenage fantasy I had of kissing this girl is shattered. The reality is so much better.”  – Dallas

“He doesn’t say anything just stares into my eyes like he’s trying to tell me something he can’t find the words to say.”  – Austin

“You are too good to be just a notch on anyones bed post. It’s why I kept you at arms length for so long. How you can forgive my past and be here with me today I will never know but I am so grateful you are.” – Dallas

“I love you Austin. The soul crushing, once in a lifetime love that I will write songs about until the day I die.”  – Dallas

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