Texting Titan

Texting Titan

What do you do when your teammate is dating the girl you love?

Not just dating but cheating on her too?

Well, I stole her number from his phone and started texting her, without telling her who I was.

The plan sounded good late at night.  In the light of day, I’m not so sure.

But she is still texting me.

Even after I help her catch her boyfriend cheating, she doesn’t hate me.

She doesn’t trust football players though.

I just hope I can make her fall in love with me enough that she won’t hate me when she finds out who I am.

Now when is the perfect time to tell her I’ve been in love with her for years from afar?

Preferably without sounding like a creepy stalker.

This is a Sweet, Steamy, Small Town, College Football Romance. No Cliffhangers.
As always there is a satisfying Happy Ever After.
If you love steamy romances with insta love, hot love scenes, small towns, and football, then this one is for you.

Then she turns to me. “Your gift is the last one to open so you are going to have to wait.” She shrugs.

“I got you to agree to me my girlfriend that is the best gift you could ever give me.”

I know I will have an uphill battle to prove to her I am worth taking the chance on. I plan to make that climb because I know she is worth fighting for.

I’ve never been kissed like this before I hold on to him for dear life. This is the kiss all the romance books talk about, one that my mom describes when she kissed my dad for the first time

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