The Cowboy and His Best Friend

Coming April 23, 2020

I met him when I was 6. When he saved my life, at age 10 and we were instant best friends. At age 14 I returned the favor. We knew then we had a bond. But who meets their soul mate age 6? So, I ran. Years later and I’m in the hospital again, and he hasn’t left my side. Can we put the past behind us? And what about his playboy reputation…

I knew since I was 10, I was going to marry her. She was going to run the ranch with me, be the mother to our kids. Only her. When she ran all those years ago it broke my heart. After a series of false rumors and misunderstandings, we have another chance now. Only now I have to prove I’m not the playboy this town has made me out to be.


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