The Cowboy and His Runaway

The Cowboy and His Runaway

A protective cowboy and a small town girl on the run. When her past catches up with her, he needs to step up & show her it’s time to stop running.

I’ve seen a lot in my life, but nothing prepared me for finding Riley in my barn that morning.

The instant need to protect her.

She doesn’t think she can trust me.

I plan to prove her wrong.

Our small town loves her.

I think I love her too.

Too bad fate has other plans.

This is a cowboy romance and the first book in my Rock Springs Texas series. Each book can be read as a standalone. Transport yourself into the loving family ranch in Texas, as we follow five protective cowboys in their quests to find lasting love on the picturesque and charming countryside. 

No Cliffhangers and always there is a HEA. 

18+ Please!

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I just finished The Cowboy and His Runaway and throughly enjoyed it and could hardly put it down. Once I got started I got so wrapped up the story l lost track of time. – Jim M, Amazon Review

O. M. G. I believe I have fallen I love with Blaze! And that name, I love it! He is the perfect combination of patient, gentle, and domineering. – Amazon Review

Kaci takes readers on an emotional and highly compelling journey. I fell in love with the characters. I LOVED everything about this book; the banter, the sweet swoon-worthy moments and the heartbreak that made me cry for them. Definitely recommend reading this book (and the series). – Tara, Amazon Reviewer.

A wonderful tale of a family union with several twists and turns. – Ekirazi, Amazon Reviewer

… with some evocative Texas imagery showing the author knows her stuff. – PA, Amazon Reviewer

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