The Cowboy and His Secret

The Cowboy and His Secret - Book Cover

I plan to make her mine by any means necessary…

I have a secret. I’ve been in love with the cowboy whose family has a lake house here in town since I was 16. His family and him come up to the lake house twice a year for a few weeks. When I started college, we started texting. Last year the weekly phone calls started and since I graduated, they have become every night. There is no way he wants a waitress with a college degree who can’t find a job. So why is he extending his stay after his family leaves? Why did he invite me to spend a week at his cabin with him? Why did my heart stop when he kissed me?

I have wanted Sarah since I was 16. We were swimming in the lake and she had on the sexiest red bikini. But she had big dreams. So, I settled for texting while she was in college. We moved to phone calls last year but now that she has graduated, I plan to help her make all her dreams come true. That means helping her ditch her skeevy boss but when her parents get in the way how far am I willing to go to make my secret crush not so secret?

This is a cowboy romance with a sexy cowboy and a strong woman who have a lot of heat! This sexy full-length romance. Complete with a happy ever after, no cheating, and no cliffhanger!
This book may have some trigger points centering around abuse and what makes these characters strong and protective and justice is always served!
Readers 18+, please


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