The Cowboy and His Sweetheart

The Cowboy and His Sweetheart

He’s a bar owning cowboy. She’s an innocent church girl. Can they find a way to blend their worlds?

It took a lot of convincing for my extremely conservative parents to allow me to attend my friend Sage’s wedding. Now, I couldn’t be happier that I begged and pleaded to get my way. A sexy cowboy with an alluring drawl and tempting swagger spent the entire night talking only to me. I never thought I would hear from him again, but to my absolute delight we spent weeks getting to know each other through constant phone calls. I fell for him hard and fast, and find myself faced with a whole new problem. My parents will never approve. The church is pushing for a courtship with a man from the congregation, and refusal goes against all they believe in. 

Across a crowded dance floor filled with couples swaying to twangy country music, I saw an angel. I had to talk to her… had to know her. The problem? Her ultra-conservative family. They believe in the old courting ways: no dates without a chaperone, no sex before marriage, and a first kiss only happens on the couples wedding day. How can a roughneck, beer slingin’, cowboy like me convince them I’m worthy of courting their daughter? Come hell or high water, I’ll find a way. Whatever it takes, she is worth the fight. 

Come meet the small town of Rock Springs Texas with a family that has your back, a town that knows your business, and men who love with everything they have.

This is a Slow Burn, Steamy, Small Town, Cowboy Romance. No Cliffhangers.
This is Book 4 in the Rock Springs Texas Series. As always there is a satisfying Happy Ever After.
You might have to wait until the end for the naughty bits, but I promise it’s worth the wait!
If you love steamy romances with insta love, hot love scenes, small towns, quirky dating rules, and cowboys, then this one is for you.

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  • “A captivating read from beginning to end! Sexy steam filled chemistry! One heck of a twisted, intense rollercoaster ride!” – Kathleen, Amazon Reviewer
  • “If short, sweet/sexy is your jam, this book is right up your alley!” – Sleep Reader, Amazon Reviewer
  • “Besides a terrific romance, there’s some suspense and action, and a whole lot of family love to go around.” – Karen C, Amazon Review
  • “This touching story draws you in and captivates your heart and will have you cheering Jason and Ella on to a happily ever after.” – Merry E., Amazon Reviewer
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